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Important considerations before offer letter

Posted by on 9th Jun 2010

"Upon successfully clearing an interview, a company has extended an offer to you. Before you sign it, you might want to review the various aspects of the new job and your personal career goals. "

Congratulations! You received an offer from a company after clearing all interview rounds. Now the ball is in your court to decide one last time if it is the job you really want. Fortunately, most companies allow for a few days’ deliberation period for the candidate to make up his/her mind. It is for you, to use this time well and ask yourself few questions about the offer before signing an acceptance to the offer.

“Is my job role in this organization defined and matches with my skills?”

Be certain to discuss in detail with the HR or your future reporting manager about the duties that will be entrusted with you.

An insight into the organisation’s long term goals and plans is helpful in determining whether the job responsibilities that fall under your wings align well with your expertise and interests. Not only is it an important criterion that will further your career, it allows you to gauge what an average working day will be like.

“How do the growth possibilities look here?”

A job change is almost always done with the idea of seeking newer growth opportunities that keep us motivated in our chosen careers. So when contemplating a job offer, be confident about what growth opportunities you are seeking- increased responsibilities, hike in salary, more learning on-the-job, etc.
“Do I want to work for a big/small organisation?”

Some people make the shift from a big, established organisation to a smaller one or even a start-up. The obvious intention is to learn from and handle challenging projects and be a part of the latter’s success story. But this shift comes with its own set of risks -failed business plan, few employee benefit programs etc.

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